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I am only sixteen years old, and although some might reproach me for using the phrase "when I was younger," I'm going to use it anyway. So... when I was younger, I discovered a miniature HP computer sitting in my house, and intrigued by the cute size of the machine, I decided I would have to find a use for it. I didn't know much about the Internet, but I knew there were these things called websites, or rather I knew there was this website called Webkinz, and well, its virtual animals had the power to captivate my attention for hours on end. At that moment, I knew I wanted to create my own website too. However, given my young age, I quickly lost hope and interest in learning HTML; I did not create anything beyond a page with a blue background and red text that read, "Jackie's Website."
   Maybe a year or so later, my dad introduced me to Blogger. Having recovered my interest in creating a website, I set out to begin my very first Blogger blog: "Cinnamon Roll Jackjack." The name is laughable, but little-me wrote my heart out about the food I ate daily—in effect, I had created a food blog. Growing up with a mother who is fascinated by different cultures and cuisines, who is talented in the kitchen, and who is endowed with exquisite taste, I suppose I was just channeling what I had absorbed from my until then short, but gourmet existence.
   Unfortunately, I eventually abandoned Cinnamon Roll Jackjack and began and ended a litany of other blogs—blogger enabled me to do this all too easily. I wonder what any one of those many blogs might look like now, had I ignored my perfectionist tendency to start projects from scratch, over and over again. Instead, I am here. I promised myself this had to be the last time I start a new blog, and so far, I'm succeeding. If you are so inclined, click onward and discover the musings of a teenaged photographer who is just as obsessed with food, style, language, and culture as her mother.